Hi dear blues lover,

Posted: August 31, 2011 in My Invitation

I am sometimes too busy writing the way I feel about blues, as you will have noticed on my site, that I forget to ask you how you feel.

This site however is entirely yours:  feel free to share whatever you feel about blues, be it early blues, actual blues, whatever.  Tell us what place blues takes in your life.

After all : blues is about feelings and emotions…

Share what you like to share, also if you want to invite other people to listen to the music you like, or want to present your music, or want to tell something about an album you like…Don’t feel reticent… Don’t let even the language stop you; use the language you want, Google is smart enough to translate it for all of us…And after all, blues is a universal language.

This blog is entirely yours. Just click here and go to the wall…